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How it all began

Andrea Huelhorst

My love for nature began when I was a little girl.  My Grandmother & I would walk around her farmhouse in the springtime and gush over the tiniest grape hyacinth and hunt for wild asparagus... All while the peonies and lilac trees were in full bloom blessing us with their sweet smells.   Because of these memories, I put my heart and soul into my work.  Taking little pieces from nature, to create beautiful works of art for all of my clients. 


I started my floral adventures growing up in the St. Louis area. Managing a Mom & Pop flower shop, then working in the very early mornings at the wholesaler to running a Wedding & Event business while raising my 2 amazing sons!  Since moving to Wisconsin in 2006 I have come to appreciate the true beauty of this northern region.   I am very excited to work with you and create a unique design to make your day one of a kind!


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